BLACKWAY - Connecting Nature ( Sabki Pathshala Trust )

Provide Opportunity To Women, Handicap

For Empowerment & Education

Sabki Pathshala Trust is a non-profit organization created by a united team of social workers who dreamed to uplift and empower women and specially abled people living in the slums of New Delhi.  July 2020 marked the beginning of this initiative, by firstly organizing programmes for education and imparting knowledge of basic manners and etiquettes to a group of young boys and girls of the slums in North Delhi. These sessions were conducted by unpaid volunteers in open spaces available in the parks.

The children were extremely enthusiastic and keen to learn. They also volunteered to plant trees in the parks and promised to nurture them. Some of them exhibited talents in drawing and painting, singing, slogan writing, cultural activities and dramatics. Special training sessions, competitions and cultural programs were also organized within the meager resources that could be mustered from the contributions made by likeminded friends and colleagues. Through these small steps the organization started building its blocks for providing skill training programmes and self-employment opportunities to rehabilitate the women and differently abled in the society.


Our vision is to empower the girls and women living in the urban slum communities and enabling them in leading a life with dignity, equality and development to their maximum potential.


Our mission is to uplift the underprivileged and differently abled sections of society, residing in the slums of Delhi through creating skill development programs and livelihood opportunities.


1)    Vocational skills training – Training and developing the skills of women with reference to the specially enabled women.

2)    Self-Employment – Generating employment opportunities for women by       utilizing the skills imparted for supporting themselves and their families.

3)    Rehabilitation- Creating new avenues for the women, young girls and the                differently abled to restore back their position in the society. 

4)    Self Help Groups – Establish Self- help groups & create self-sustaining production centers for producing and marketing products to cater the needs of the local market.

5)    Awareness – Spreading awareness about their legal rights and facilitating access to learning and training.


Sabki Pathshala Trust is an NGO which works for the upliftment of poor and less abled persons. A vast majority of the employees at Sabki Pathshala Trust are extremely poor, differently abled and have no other source of income in the family.


Our major areas of work are:


Here at Sabki Pathshala Trust we attempt to return members suffering from physical defects that interfere with their vocational opportunities, to remunerative occupations so that they may lead autonomous, self-supporting lives. We believe in addressing the necessities of the individuals and create conditions to provide an honorable life.

Empowering women and girls from the slums by creating SHGs for setting up self-sustaining production centers for producing and marketing products to cater for the needs of the local market.

Currently Sabki Pathshala Trust facilitates five differently abled persons.

 Skill training

Sabki Pathshala Trust believes in vocational training and low cost options for skill training. Our intention here is to train the members in a skill which would generate income for self.

Imparting skill training especially to women and girls to help them make a living and help their families survive.

Currently 25 women and girls are availing skill training.

Employment Here at Sabki Pathshala Trust our main goal is sustainability and to create avenues for employment. With great effort we train illiterate and inexperienced persons in the finer nuances of producing attractive items which would be marketable.  Enforcing the highest standards of quality and catering to the customized needs  of customers we produce a variety of shopping bags, folders, pouches and many other beautiful and handmade items.


Battles Won By Women:

·        Made considerable influence on health and hygiene of women through awareness programmes.

·        Skill training to 25+ women in Sabki Pathshala Trust vocational training institute.

·        Trusted quality of handmade products made by women to sell in markets to earn a     dignified life.

·        Provided life skills like knitting, sewing, embroidery, crochet etc. To empower     women.

·        Provided employment opportunities to women under the shield of Sabki Pathshala Trust.

Daring Differently Abled:

        Empowered differently abled by assisting them on life skills programme

        They produced handmade products and sold those to earn living.

        Conducted workshops for persons with disability (of and kind) for mental health and moral boosting.


Protecting Human Rights:

        Awarded with certificate of appreciation by global human rights protection council for outstanding humanitarian work.

        Received letter of appreciation from Govt. of India for our work in social sector.

        Distribution of essential items included food items to the poor and vulnerable every month.

 Handling Pandemic Pressure:

        Distributed free mask and sanitizers

        Made cheap and affordable mask to combat the disease.

        Received Letter of Appreciation from NitiAyog on our efforts to combat covid-19 pandemic.

 Enhancing Environment:

•    We reuse waste material into usable products.

•    We recycle plastic waste to make it efficient.