We run waste collection drives to generate our raw material. We try to collect and utilize as much plastic, textile, paper and decoration waste as possible and convert them into fine sustainable products.


Vocational training refers to teaching courses that aims to imparting specialized skills required for a particular job, profession or trade such as technician, artisan, etc. 

Handicraft products – block painting, bags, baskets from recycled textile and factory waste, old newspapers, plastic polyethene, decorative items.


Vocational skill training for special and differently abled adults. 

In order to expand the capacity of special and differently abled people in our center we also intend to add more and more vocational skills according to the potential and capability. 

Following are few of the skills that our special people are skilled at:

Agarbatti Making

Candle Making

Holi Color making 

Newspaper bags

Block painting


Flower sorting

Folding and ironing of bags

Adding threads to bag rings

Making dough for recycling paper





Special Education

Part of our underprivileged members are differently abled with special needs who could never fit in normal schools or afford special study classes. Therefore, our psychologist also conducts individual or group special education sessions which focusses on their cognitive, and developmental growth. 

Mental health counselling

Our work focuses not only on financial but emotional, educational and psycho-social well-being of each person working with us. We provide mental health counselling to their family members too. This enables us to create an accepting and an understanding environment at home, as well as, allows us to guide family members in a way to establish a healthy parent-child bond.

Field Visits/Picnics

For their personality and socio-emotional development we provide them with opportunities of paying duty at our stall exhibitions and also conduct educational field trips/picnics for them. We also ensure that whatever efforts they have put in these opportunities or do extra work at our production center are compensated by some sort of stipend to provide them an experience of self-reliance and independence which they usually lack to learn from the environment they come from.


Our motive and efforts are all directed towards bridging the gap caused by limitations of our society. 

Advance skills training and Employment

We at POWHER provide advance training for




mehndi design

stationary products

  • handicraft products – block painting, recycled bags from newspapers and plastic polyethene, decorative items.


Our focus is to always utilize these skills and material into creating something useful and sustainable. We make handicrafts and marketable products and sell them in exhibitions. The money generated from these sales is used in providing regular monthly incomes of our people and run the expenses for our livelihood center. 

Mental Health Counselling

With Pandemic fear and survival difficulties rising, we cannot help but acknowledge the lack of affordable mental health facilities in our society. Therefore, we provide counselling facilities to our members as well as conduct Parent counsellor meetings at interval of every 3 months for our special people. 

Health and Medical Programs

Our aim is to impart awareness by experience. Therefore, we make sure to not just deliver lectures or talks but also collaborate with professionals to organize camps where our people can receive health check-ups and provide health, hygiene and sanitation kits on a regular basis.